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WHO joins the Victoria Women’s Newcomers Club (VWNC)?
Women! Membership is open to women who have moved to Victoria within three years prior to joining. Some are retired, others are working, all are seeking to meet other women in their new community. They have chosen to move here from cities and towns across North America and sometimes even further abroad.

They are single, widowed, divorced, married, or with partners. Typically members are between 40 and 80+. Please note: the VWNC executive has discretion to consider applicants with special circumstances and may allow such applicants to become members.

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WHY do women join VWNC?

They join to meet other newcomers to the city and to participate in the wide variety of activities offered through the club. They also learn about and experience the many attractions and amenities available throughout Victoria—from heritage destinations, restaurants, museums and city parks, to hiking trails golf and other outdoor activities. VWNC is a great first step to creating a community of friends in your new hometown.

WHAT do I do to join VWNC?
Register here.  Annual membership fees are $40.
If you’re interested in learning more, you are welcome to attend two monthly luncheons as a guest before joining. Both guests and members must reserve online to attend a luncheon.

WHEN are luncheons and activities held?

Luncheons are held between September and June on the first Thursday of each month beginning at 11:00 a.m. with ample time to visit before the agenda begins.

VWNC member activities are held seven days a week with the activity dictating the start and finish time. For more information, please see the activities page registration.

WHERE are luncheons and activities held?
Luncheons are held at the Union Club in downtown Victoria at 805 Gordon Street.

The locations of VWNC activities are set by the conveners and are listed with the activity on the website.

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