Executive Responsibilities


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The Victoria Women’s Newcomers Club is a volunteer organization where women, new to the city, build friendships and knowledge of the community through social, cultural and outdoor activities.

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PRESIDENT: The President is responsible for ensuring that the mandate and the mission of the organization are met. She provides leadership for the Executive and membership, guides Executive in strategic planning and plans Executive meetings, including setting and issuing agenda to Executive for monthly meetings. She also chairs monthly Executive meetings and serves as master of ceremonies at the monthly luncheon meetings.

VICE PRESIDENTS (2): The Vice Presidents share responsibilities for organizing speakers for the monthly luncheons and activities at the luncheons. They work closely to ensure the luncheon programs are interesting and enjoyable. They co-chair the club’s Nominating Committee and help recruit members to serve on the Executive.  The Vice Presidents serve in place of the President in the President’s absence.  They help with physical set up of each luncheon.

SECRETARY: The Secretary takes minutes at Executive meetings and the Annual General meeting. She receives written reports from the Executive members that are filed for reference. Upon direction from the Executive, she conducts all correspondence with members including the sending of get-well and condolence messages to members during illness, or death of immediate family members.  The Secretary receives enquiries from members and either answers the enquiries or directs them to the appropriate person.

TREASURER: The Treasurer is responsible for all financial transactions including the collection of membership fees and luncheon payments. She reconciles the bank statements and maintains records of disbursements and receipts. She prepares and presents a financial report to the Executive at monthly meetings.

VENUE COORDINATOR: The Venue Coordinator is the liaison with our luncheon venue. She oversees the set-up for the luncheons and assigns Executive members to different tables. She handles members special dietary needs in consultation with the Chef and she greets guests at the entrance to the dining room and ensures they have a tile number indicating the table where they will sit.

MEMBERSHIP COORDINATOR x2:  The Membership Coordinators maintain the club’s membership list and posts it monthly on the website. They file membership forms for new members and renewing members for future reference. They arrange Meet and Greet events for new members and prepares name tags for them after they have registered online.

ACTIVITY COORDINATORS x2: Activity coordinators organize activities and recruit and train conveners to oversee various activities. They coordinate with conveners to ensure current information is on the website and to assist in providing photos of activities for the website. The Coordinators maintain master lists of each activity and oversee the Activities table at the monthly luncheon.

COMMUNICATIONS COORDINATOR: The communication coordinator is responsible for facilitating and coordinating communications within the club and promoting the club. This includes newsletters for club members, monthly luncheon invitations and special invites, along with developing and posting materials for the website. It also includes the development and execution of plans to boost awareness of the VWNC and its activities in the Greater Victoria area, especially to women who are new to the region.

WEBMASTER X 2:The Webmaster maintains the website.  They revise and modify web pages, including updating recent images.  They respond to members’ difficulties accessing the website.

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